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​I Got My Wife Enjoying Herself With Cucumber

​It was in the afternoon when I visited home to get some cash for FRSC after they seized my car for not using seat belt; I forgot my phone in the car so I didn’t call my wife that I will come home.

I entered into my room and saw my wife moaning so loud to the big cucumber. ​I screamed!​!​

​She was shocked at the first sign but comfortably went back to what she was doing with her cucumber,

​The first words that came out of my mouth was “why cucumber”

She stopped and replied me with questions; “What did you expect when you my husband have a baby Sugarcane size” ? Or do you prefer I do it with other real men outside? She continue saying; do you think because you are able to impregnate me that is all? When last did you really make me moan as a woman in this house?

​I am tired of complaining!

​She stood up and left me in the room. I couldn’t move my feet, I covered my face with shame.

​She was right after all. Throughout that week I couldn’t get myself.

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